Design Find: Colorful Salvatore Ferragamo Bag

Carol Tisch finds the perfect fuchsia accessory.

By Carol Tisch June 26, 2014

Shopping ferragamo ufc20i

Defying the long-established tradition of using no-color colors (black, brown, beige) for accessories, this summer designers are pairing soft pastels and neutrals in clothing with blazing color in handbags, shoes and more. Here Salvatore Ferragamo imbues its classic hobo silhouette with the spicy heat of fuchsia ($825), cayenne red or grape.  Sarasota fashionistas can add a modern twist by mixing two or more bold hues together in head-to-toe dressing for a look as bright as our setting sun.  The Met Fashion House, Day Spa & Salon, 35 S. Boulevard of Presidents, Sarasota (941) 388-1772.

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