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By Megan McDonald April 5, 2012

Great-Granny would’ve gleefully traded her torture-chamber girdle for our modern and sleek shapewear options. And as I begin writing this, I quickly realize that you might be thinking there’s nothing new to discuss about these shape-shifting knickers, but I go to my fair share of events and…I notice…things

Since so many of us have hesitated to venture into the world of body-contouring undergarments, I broach this subject as a sincere and kind BFF would: Friend, when you slip into a body-con dress, whether it's cotton or knitwear or charmeuse, consider shapewear your foundation--or an extension of your unmentionables. Much like your makeup foundation, it’s a clean canvas to build on. Extra bonus: It's a confidence boost.  If you look good, you feel good. But play it safe--take your frock to the store and try it there with some lycra, just to know for certain what works. It’s easier to get it right there than just before your evening out.

By the way, did you know that the size stick, haven’t-consumed-a-pinch-of-salt-in-seventy-days celebrities don a Spanx or two on the red carpet and even for daytime?? Carrie Underwood, Gywneth Paltrow and Oprah are among those who’ve proudly copped to embracing the slimming underpinnings.

Katie Holmes / Kim Kardashian / Beyonce

PS: You may be interested to know they make ‘em for girls up to a 4X and for men, as well. Guys, if you want to quit the blog at this point and head to what’s available for you, click here.


For starters, tune in for celeb stylist Cher Coulter as she shares just over three minutes of how to wear curve-accentuating lycra:



I’ve pulled a couple shapers that would easily go with any of these celeb dresses….they may very well being wearing one of the options…




But don’t save your spandex just for a night out….




And if you need more undergarment tips and tricks--including how to find the right bra size and care for your lingerie--click here for an exclusive Fashion I.Q. video.


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