Comfort Food

By Megan McDonald March 1, 2012

Downtown Sarasota's El Greco

A reminder that some things are just plain comfort food:

Although we all tend to believe that comfort food is meatloaf and mashed potatoes and country fried chicken with a slice of pie (and don’t get me wrong, I tuck into mac-'n'-cheese quite often), as I was sitting outside at El Greco one night nibbling on my Greek salad (hold the olives and pepperocini, extra cucumbers and a dash of tzatziki on top), I realized how absolutely comforting that salad was. It is my “go to” food; the thing that relaxes me and that I just enjoy (sans all the extra calories of the mac n cheese!) .

Sarasota’s Grand Lady, Annette Scherman, shared her love of El Greco’s rack of lamb with me--that's her go-to comfort food. So it makes me wonder—what is your comfort food and where do you go to just say "ahhhh"?

On a side note, with what could be best name ever, the Mozzarella Fella sandwich shop is opening on Main Street soon. For the name alone I shall be there (please have good bread, Mr. Fella!).

Ooh La La Pastry Shop and French bakery in Gulf Gate is a dream--thanks, Ilene Denton, for sharing the scoop and the AMAZING lemon tarts—best I have had outside of Boston! The baguettes are perfect and the apple tart worthy of a nod, too.

Still to come: A new cheese shop on Main Street opening across the street from Sports Page and...waiting for Chinese!

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