PHOTO CONTEST! Sarasota Season of Sculpture

By Megan McDonald February 3, 2012

Have you noticed the eclectic row of sculptures that have been gracing Sarasota Bayfront since last November? Sarasota Season of Sculpture installed them as a part of their sixth exhibition, Under Azure Skies, and we are excited to announce a photo contest where you get to be the star next to your favorite sculpture. The prize? Dinner for two on us at Libby’s Café and Wine Bar. With sculptures like Complexus, Portal, Squirt and Tux, it might be hard to choose, but whether you want to show off your humorous or sophisticated side, be creative and have fun. Even if you don’t win the dinner, you could receive instant fame—we’ll still post your photo on our website for all to see.

In case you’ve been driving past the Bayfront in confused awe as these formidable installations crop up like clockwork every couple of years, here’s a bit of background.  Founded in 1998, Sarasota Season of Sculpture, a non-profit organization, seeks to “accessibly display and encourage quality public art in order to enrich the cultural and educational experience of residents and visitors” and each exhibition is funded by individual donors, corporate sponsors and grants. John Henry, a sculptor based in Tennessee, commissioned the current season’s exhibition, Under Azure Skies, which was first shown in Lucerne, Switzerland and will be headed to the International University in Miami come May.

But while we are fortunate enough to have the sculptures under our own azure skies, please don’t forget to head on over and take your winning photo with the sculpture that wins your heart. We look forward to your submission!

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