Dog of Jogger Killed in Drunk-Driving Accident Rescued on Siesta Key Beach

By Megan McDonald January 9, 2012

By now, most of us have heard the heartbreaking story of the 53-year-old jogger who was hit by a drunk driver this past weekend on Siesta Key. But have you seen the video of her dog being rescued by a Siesta Beach kayaker? After the accident, the terrified pup--who was also injured in the accident--ran away from the scene and made his way to Siesta Beach, where he jumped into the ocean and swam toward a kayaker. The kayaker, whose vessel was equipped with video camera and was able to capture the whole thing, noticed the dog swimming frantically toward him, pulled him into the kayak when he got close and, luckily, was able to return him to his family. Read more here.


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