Food Memories

By staff July 20, 2009

From Vermont to Sarasota, flavors that bring the past alive.


By Judi Gallagher



                    Vermont's roadside stands almost always lead to great    pie.

Last week I lamented over Facebook why a peach pie from a small farm stand on the side of the road of Route 7 in Vermont tastes so wonderful. Is it the fresh sliced peaches, the flaky crust, or is it just nostalgia –tastes from our past. Certainly, the coffee in Burlington, Vt. tasted better, but was it because the granola, earthy crunchy atmosphere made it seem even better, or was it the coffee? Perhaps a little of both. 

                    Taste treats closer to home.

So, returning from a New England flashback of good flavor and memories, my husband suggested this past weekend that we stop by Floribbean Flo’s on the south trail for a key lime pie. Between the coconut banana cookies and the outstanding key lime pie I realized, there is no place like home, whether it is a culinary memory or the last crumb of the current piece of pie you are eating on the way to Siesta Beach.


In keeping with those culinary memories, I stopped by design and food writer Marsha Fottler’s house the other day. and lo and behold, she had just made a batch of blueberry muffins. Not just any muffin mind you, this was from “THE” recipe- the Jordan Marsh department store blueberry muffin recipe. The same recipe that I used to use for my restaurants. In fact, it was Cynthia Krozen, one of my Mom’s dearest friends who first scored the recipe- back in the ‘70s. A red-letter day for anyone that remembers that wonderful bakery inside the department store- where muffin tops were brimming over and the blueberries (or cranberries) were as enormous as our appetites. Thanks to Marsha, for bringing the pleasure of past and present to the table yet again.
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