Fond Farewells

By staff April 29, 2009

Some Sarasota food treasures shut their doors.


By Judi Gallagher


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 It has been a week of tasteful good byes. C’est Cheese has closed its fromage cases. Artisan cheese is considered a luxury item, and in these challenging economic times, spending extra money on creamy goat cheese with truffle proved too much for the budget conscious. Magnum Wines, however, will remain open, and there are no doubt some good wine deals all around town so let’s help support these small wine stores.

 November may be a lifetime--who could blame me for crossing the street?

Every year I know it is coming. The seasonal closing of Overholt’s produce stand on Bahia Vista. In fact, our editor Pam Daniel called me to share her concern about our summer produce woes. “They aren’t; coming back until mid-November, Pam,” I recall lamenting, “What am I going to do?” I am sure she said something like, “Come on girl- pull yourself together and figure out what to do with your salad bowl for the summer!” So after a few more days of wallowing in the summertime lack of produce blues, I did what I considered nearly unfaithful to my favorite produce stand. I crossed the street and went to the newly opened Yoder’s Produce.



They are even closing for a few days in May to install

air conditioning--how can I not fall in love?


Looking cautiously to make sure I was not being photographed by a private lettuce detective, I crept in, refusing to pick up a basket for fear that I looked like I might have pre planned this shopping trip. And then it happened- oh what a wicked mistress a great stack of tomatoes can be. I looked, I smelled, I touched and I fell in love! Twenty dollars later, with a loaf of homemade apple bread, numerous red and yellow tomatoes and various berries I left, feeling only a small pang of guilt as I glanced over my shoulder at the “Closed for the Season” sign across the street.

Come to Mama my little zucchinis and summer squash.

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