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By staff March 23, 2009

Sarasota lunches to remember—and forget.


By Judi Gallagher


A lunch to remember at the Glitz at the Ritz.

I had a delish lunch the other day at the “Glitz at the Ritz” presented by the Salvation Army. While I did miss the past years of cooking demos from the Ritz-Carlton chefs, my tablemates all agreed that the chocolate tart with graham cracker crust and meringue peaks that oozed caramel at first bite was one of the best desserts ever served at a local event.

The chocolate tart with graham cracker crust and caramel-infused meringue received high marks at the Glitz at the Ritz.

“What were the best and worst meals you’ve ever been served at an event?” I asked. I have my list, but I was curious to find out from some of these people that attend numerous events. While I think it politically correct not to name the worst—where the event is being held often determines whether I eat a meal before leaving home—I thought it would be fun to have our readers e-mail some of the best. At the end of this blog you will find a comment button- please share some of your greatest dishes and why.

 Perhaps we can share this list with future chairpersons. Nothing like a good braised short rib to get ticket sales up.

I recall someone at Herald-Tribune social columnist Marjorie North’s recent retirement party listing how many chicken dinners she had been served over the years. So I decided to take Marjorie for a nice non-chicken lunch at Libby’s. Following our server’s suggestion, we dove into the marinated flank steak salad; we both agreed it was a scrumptious spring salad- flavorful and crisp and the flank steak cooked a perfect medium rare.

Marjorie North shows off her poultry-free flank steak salad from Libby's.

Of course, we did follow that with the burger of the day and fries. As I explained to Marjorie, “It’s all in the name of research.”


What are some of the dishes you’ve most enjoyed at Sarasota events? Please post below.
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