Eating with the In Crowd

By staff June 2, 2008


It was a weekend with a real urban flavor.

By Judi Gallagher

Was there any female in Sarasota who was NOT at opening night of Sex and the City last Friday? Even our “Gen- Exer,” Hannah Wallace, was there with her boyfriend (now that takes courage). Parties galore and cosmopolitans to boot (or shall I say to Jimmy Choos).



Sarasota's very own Mr. Big hosted a blowout Sex and the City party at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.


 The gathering of the Divas at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar was the perfect opportunity for some fun along with fab cocktails and appetizers and yes, yes…shoes, shoes, shoes (thanks to the Saks Fifth Ave. display. More important, though, the 20 percent discount each attendee was given on any pair the next day!) While I was too busy giggling and sipping my fruity martini to grab a steak and lobster slider (I was told they were as good as the Manolo Blahniks, which were by then killing my feet), I did enjoy watching Marjorie North, famed society writer and dear friend, shake up some incredible cocktails of her own behind the bar at Fleming’s. Watch out—rumor is Margie has applied for a summer job and word on the street is she makes a killer dirty martini.



Marjorie North takes a new position as head bartender.


Off-the-diet frenzy:



Prosciutto and figs are the perfect partners for a flatbread combo.


Saturday night we headed over to Urban Flats, the new trendy casual eatery on Cooper Creek Boulevard next to Lee Roy Selmon’s. You gotta trust a team that for years was in management with Bonefish Grill to open a creative new spot boasting flat breads with a variety of toppings. No yeast in the flat breads and 80 percent whole wheat, hence less carbs—must be why I ordered two. We started with  urban sliders, tuna poke that was delish, crisp romaine spears with ranch, crumbled bleu cheese and bacon (hence you now get…”there goes the diet” confessions) and both the fig and prosciutto and the Italian sausage flats. Home run, as both were light yet flavorful and perfectly paired with a glass of TriVento Malbec Select, our server’s recommendation. (Note: The cruvinet wine system that keeps wines fresh after opening was quite impressive.) We followed up with a chocolate fondue large enough for four. Urban Flats is now on our short list for frequent dining spots. Check out the photos from all around Sarasota, giving you that sense of city meets beach—the true essence of why we live here.




 The chocolate fondue at Urban Flats is sinfully delicious.
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