Memorial Day Rituals

By staff May 18, 2008

Time to start making Mrs. Calhoun’s tuna macaroni salad.


By Judi Gallagher


How did it get to be Memorial weekend, (or just about) so quickly? If it were not for the piles of hot dog rolls and countless shelves of plastic condiment bottles in the grocery store, I might have forgotten.


Memorial weekend in Florida is a little different than my New England roots. There, you planned for a month ahead of time. Mrs. Calhoun would bring her famous tuna macaroni salad (which I still make each year at this time). My mother would have been preparing baked stuffed potatoes and marinating flank steaks and readying chickens for a mass barbecue. (My Jewish family didn’t eat hot dogs and hamburgers much.) And then, with all the details including the obligatory carved watermelon loaded with fresh fruit and strawberries, it would most likely rain, a freezing sort of thing, damp, cold, raw….so, out came the cars and into the garage went the picnic tables. Living in a warm climate year round, we sometimes forget those rituals--like pulling out the white pants and white shirts--as indicative of Memorial Day as Mrs. Calhoun’s macaroni salad.



It is also graduation season, and I have found some creative ideas for entertaining.

Cup Cakes A Go- Go makes beautiful graduation boxed cup cakes that will really make the occasion special. Their new storefront is on Siesta Drive near the Post Office.

A graduation-themed gift box from Cupcakes A-Go-Go

 The Wired Whisk has a bountiful amount of cup cake varieties, ranging from s’mores to lemon cream. For a Memorial Day get together, I suggest the flavor varieties at the Wired Wisk, and for a polished decorative cup cake display for a graduation party, I recommend Cup Cakes A Go Go- either way a winning dessert.

New flavors from Wired Whisk. 

A few more tips for the weekend festivities:

-- Right now the sweet corn is best at Publix as opposed to the Farmer’s Market.

-- But the cantaloupes are juicy and sweet at the downtown FM.

-- Geiers Sausage Kitchen has fabulous boneless sirloins for cookouts-- sliced thin they make a wonderful entrée without busting the wallet.

-- Along with your cupcakes, pick up some seedless watermelon- there still is nothing like a juicy bite on a hot summer holiday weekend.


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