48 Hours in Sarasota

Indulge Your Wild Side During 48 Thrill-Filled Hours in Sarasota

Water sports, wildlife and the great outdoors are front and center and, from up high to down low, Sarasota can pack the punch thrillseekers crave.

11/06/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Wet and Wild

Six Saltwater Sports You Have to Try

Here's everything you need to know to book a rousing day on the water.

09/05/2023 By Hannah Wallace

Foiled Again

What's an eFoil and Is It Worth the Cost?

We tried the expensive new water toy that Silicon Valley dads are loving.

05/10/2023 By Isaac Eger

High Winds

Photos: Sarasota Youth Sailing’s Annual Sailfest Regatta

This past weekend, the 35th annual regatta drew more than 250 young sailors to race off the shore of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron and Ken Thompson Park.

04/03/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Golden Age Medals

These Sarasota Seniors Are Fighting Ageism in Competitive Sports

A group of archers, a swimmer and a table tennis player have competed for years at the National Senior Games—and winning big.

05/27/2022 By Allison Forsyth


Sarasota Coastal Regatta Takes Place Nov. 22-24

Rowers will hit the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico in a series of races.

11/05/2019 By Shelby Schwartz

The Fast and the Furriest

Your Last Chance to See Twiggy, the Water-Skiing Squirrel

The famous rodent is scurrying to Sarasota to participate in this weekend's Suncoast Boat Show before retiring this summer.

04/16/2018 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Up, Up and Away

Flyboarding Lets Mere Mortals Soar

The extreme sport of flyboarding is less than 10 years old; here's what it's like.

11/29/2017 By Hannah Wallace

Sunshine Memories

We're Still Living in Paradise

Even 100 years later.



Guide to Sarasota Sports

Your guide to Sarasota sports.

12/01/2015 By Sarasota Magazine