Ghost Town

A Peek Into Sarasota's Haunted History

Swapping ghost stories with local medium and "Ghost and Gruesomes" tour guide Bob Hunt-McClimen.

10/21/2020 By Sarafina Murphy-Gibson

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Mummies, Mayhem, and Murder: Sarasota’s Haunted Past

A popular nighttime tour promises to delight and fright as Halloween approaches.



5 Great Haunted Houses and Ghost Tours

Five places, packed with paranormal activity, that are sure to give you goosebumps.

10/25/2016 By Riley Board


Your Guide to Halloween In Sarasota 2016

From pumpkin festivals to ghost tours to underwater pumpkin carvings, here's a round-up of Halloween events in Sarasota.

10/18/2016 By Lana Allen