Three Krave n Joy tacos

Photography by Cooper Levey-Baker

A small cup of Krave n Joy's liquid nitrogen ice cream

Photography by Cooper Levey-Baker

Ice Cream, Latin American
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Krave n Joy puts together platters of tacos and burritos, plus instant ice cream that’s frozen right before your eyes, all in a strip mall spot near the intersection of U.S. 41 and 53rd Avenue. The taco selection includes a pick of the traditionally prepared meats—carnitas, barbacoa, pastor, etc.—with a broad selection of fresh toppings. The corn tortillas come from a bag; go instead for the shop’s flour tortillas, prepared fresh and rolled into Necco-thin rounds and thrown on a small burner to puff and toast them. A trio of tacos costs $7.99 (individual ones cost $2.99) and makes for an excellent lunch. But, really, they're just an excuse to advance to round two: ice cream, which comes flavored with stuff like cookie dough, a variety of fruits and salted caramel. The twist here comes from the liquid nitrogen, which is stored in a chest-high tank behind the counter. To prepare a small cup ($4.99), the young woman behind the counter pours a measuring cup full of a gelato base mix into one of three KitchenAid mixers, then adds in mango and orange juices and a jolt of mint syrup, flips on the mixer and then reaches back to slowly open the valve on the liquid nitrogen tank. She grips the wand that dispenses the nitrogen as cold vapor seeps out and envelops the whole counter. It’s quite a show—part science experiment, part mouth-watering anticipation. Luckily, it’s not all show. The ice cream tastes quite fresh thanks to the quick process, with tingling fruit and herb flavors. The texture is also new, almost gooey, with a taffy-like stretch.


Meal Times
Dessert, Lunch
Good to Know
Child Friendly, Counter Service, Parking, Takeout
Good For
Business Lunch, Conversation, Large Groups

Krave n Joy

1135 53rd Ave. W., Bradenton, FL, 34207
(941) 242-0249
11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday / noon-8 p.m. Sunday