Shawn was born in Florida, but as a military brat never stayed in the state long enough to call it home until his late teens, when his family settled in a small town in Ohio and he started taking accelerated high school classes, allowing him to graduate early and attend college, where he earned his associates degree in mechanical engineering before he was even 18.

Having always had a fascination with technology and computers, he quickly turned that passion into a career. His first job in the field was literally out in a field climbing 400-plus foot radio towers and repairing network connections rain or shine--but the risk wasn’t worth the pay, and after two years of close calls Shawn was ready to move to a more practical form of IT support. When a field tech position opened up in Florida, he jumped on it and never looked back.

Today Shawn has built a successful career in IT, working for multiple companies while also running his own, and also continuing his education and earning certifications in multiple fields and specializations. But all work and no play makes for a dull life--so in his down time, you’ll find him either under the hood of a car, building some crazy electrical contraption, or just relaxing behind a fishing pole soaking up the Florida sun.