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In an extremely difficult time, with a pandemic and political unrest rocking our world, more than ever we look to the people who can bring us together. With its 11th annual Unity Awards, Sarasota Magazine seeks to honor those members of our community committed to bridging divides across racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, and physical and mental ability groups.

We need your help, so we invite you to nominate an outstanding individual. Nominees can be from any profession or industry, whether for-profit or nonprofit. They can be young and new to their causes, or experienced executive directors, volunteers or employees. There is no age limit. What matters is how they inspire others with their work towards achieving equality and human dignity. Our Unity Award winners are exceptional people who bring about change with real results.

A panel of outside judges and Sarasota Magazine editors will select the winners, who will be featured in the January/February issue of Sarasota Magazine.

Deadline to submit nominations is Sept. 28, 2020. Please share with us the names of those making our city, region and world a better place!

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