If you’ve been thinking about installing a wooden fence in your yard, you may want to put it off. Due to shortages in the supply chain and transportation issues due to Covid-19, “you saw price spikes at the beginning of the pandemic. Then around September, prices accelerated,” says Harrison Magee, co-manager of 84 Lumber in Bradenton. "They've been creeping up every week, depending on availability."

A sheet of plywood used to cost about $25. Now it’s roughly $75. 

So if you're still craving privacy but are balking at that price surge, it may make more sense to turn to plants and shrubs. They're an easy, readily available, cost-effective solution—not to mention eco-friendly.

Conan Michel, plant purchasing manager at ArtisTree Landscape, has been working in Southwest Florida for 22 years. In the slideshow above, you'll find his top picks for drought-resistant, hearty, native southwest Florida plants that offer the same boundary benefits of a fence.

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