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What you should know about Acupuncture?

Dr. Christina Captain, discusses oriental medicine and acupuncture emphasizing the homeostasis of Qi (energy), at the Family Healing Center in Sarasota, FL.

Presented by With Christina Captain, D.O.M., A.P., S.L.P. October 31, 2014


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Dr. Christina Captain




While there are many complex theories about the mechanism of acupuncture, the most common is the theory of qi (energy) and meridians. Qi being the vital life force that keeps the body’s many systems and functions in order, and meridians being the pathways for the qi to flow, you might say in similar fashion to the circulatory system. Acupuncture opens the meridians for the energy to flow freely, and this flow resolves disharmonies allowing for homeostasis to occur. This balance assists in healing of all kinds from post-surgical pain to infertility. Current research demonstrates changes in brain function and chemistry during acupuncture, so we understand that the needles are not solely working on the specific area being treated but on the body as a whole.





 “The key in being a successful practitioner is being effective in teaching your patients how to care for themselves.”




Oriental medicine is a complete model of medicine that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy, qi gong and other healing practices focused across the mind, body and spirit continuum to achieve health and wellness. The key in being a successful practitioner is being effective in teaching your patients how to care for themselves through nutrition, exercise, meditation and other types of self-care.




A primary care practitioner who is licensed and board certified in acupuncture and Oriental medicine has completed a minimum of 2,800 hours of training in addition to other prerequisite education. Due to acupuncture’s effectiveness, various other health care practitioners attempt to practice acupuncture with little training. Always verify that your acupuncturist is certified by the National Certification Commission on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is licensed to practice in Florida. Visit ccaom.org and myflorida.gov for licensure and qualification verification.




Dr. Captain earned her degree from East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota. She is a candidate for a master’s degree in nutrition science at the University of Bridgeport, Conn. (2014) and for a doctoral degree focusing on integrative medicine from AOMA-Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Austin, Texas (2016).






Christina Captain is a nationally board-certified doctor of Oriental medicine and acupuncture physician, and is certified in Jaffe-Mellor Technique, acupuncture injection therapy, facial rejuvenation and Feng Shui.


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