Authentic Mango Ice Cream

Florida mangos are in season and mango ice cream is the perfect dessert to help you cool down. No machine required!

08/08/2014 By Robin Draper


Where and What to Eat for the Fourth of July

Chef Judi's picks for exactly where and what to eat on the Fourth of July in Sarasota, plus a recipe for corn with cilantro-lime butter.

07/01/2014 By Judi Gallagher


The Blue Rooster's Southern Pecan Pie

Chef Michael Yoder of Sarasota's Blue Rooster restaurant shares the recipe for his Southern pecan pie.

07/01/2014 By Katy Bryan-Beachler


Wing House Opens in Downtown Sarasota

Plus, Chef Judi's picks for where and what to eat when you're watching the World Cup.

06/16/2014 By Judi Gallagher


Guide to Florida Stone Crabs

Essential intelligence about the king of Florida seafood.

01/31/2014 By staff


Florida Carrot, Orange and Ginger Soup

Time for some hot soup? Try this Florida Carrot, Orange and Ginger soup, a flavorful combination of veggies and citrus using fresh Florida ingredients.

01/29/2014 By Robin Draper


RECIPE: Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream

Heather Dunhill shares a vegan, paleo-diet-friendly recipe for pumpkin ice cream.

11/08/2013 By Heather Dunhill


An Ode to November (and Thanksgiving) in Sarasota

Chef Judi pens a love letter to November and Thanksgiving in Sarasota--plus, enter to win a $25 gift certificate by sharing your favorite holiday recipe!

11/07/2013 By Judi Gallagher


Authentic Florida Sea Grape Jelly

Sea grapes, known for their green and purplish berries grow all along Florida’s coastline. But did you know the grapes can be made into delicious jelly?

10/09/2013 By Robin Draper


Chef Judi's Dish: Shrimp with Whole-Wheat Couscous and Yogurt Sauce (RECIPE)

Chef Judi Gallagher shares a recipe for whole-wheat shrimp with couscous and yogurt sauce.

08/26/2013 By Megan McDonald


Chef Judi's Dish: Roasted Beet and Burrata Salad (Recipe)

This week, Chef Judi shares a roasted beet salad recipe with a star ingredient--creamy burrata cheese.

08/05/2013 By Chef Judi Gallagher


Food Blogger Jaden Hair's Vietnamese Summer Roll Recipe

Jaden Hair shares a recipe for Vietnamese summer rolls from her new cookbook.

08/01/2013 By Megan McDonald


Chef Judi's Dish: Grilled Pork Chops with Nectarines (Recipe)

Chef Judi Gallagher shares a recipe for grilled pork chops with nectarines.

07/08/2013 By Megan McDonald


Chef Judi's Dish: Sour Cream Lemon Pie

This week, Chef Judi Gallagher shares a summery recipe for sour cream lemon pie.

06/24/2013 By Megan McDonald


Chef Judi's Dish: Peach, Blueberry and Raspberry Turnovers (Recipe)

This week, Chef Judi shares a recipe for peach, blueberry and raspberry turnovers.

06/13/2013 By Megan McDonald


Recipe: Made Restaurant's Double-Dipped Fried Chicken

Get the recipe for Made Restaurant's popular double-dipped fried chicken.

06/03/2013 By Megan McDonald


Q & A: Raw Food Celebrity Chef Ani Phyo

Celebrity raw food chef Ani Phyo has long been a strong voice at the forefront of the raw food movement

02/06/2013 By Megan McDonald


WEB EXTRA: Chef Judi's Strawberry Shortcake

Chef Judi shares her all-time favorite strawberry shortcake recipe.

02/01/2013 By Megan McDonald


Health Report

Sarasota health news: February 2013.

02/01/2013 By Beau Denton