The Pandemic

Here's What You Need to Know About the Covid-19 Vaccine in Sarasota-Manatee

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02/23/2021 By Allison Forsyth


Sarasota Gym Will Host Florida's First Kettlebell Competition

The event will take place this Saturday, Feb. 27, at Gym SRQ.

02/23/2021 By Allison Forsyth

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How Does Blue Light Negatively Affect Sleep Patterns?

Blue light from electronic devices can cause sleeplessness. Here's how to protect your precious shut-eye.

02/17/2021 By Allison Forsyth

Health News

Sarasota Sports Medicine Launches Nutritional Program

The practice is partnering with area Orangetheory locations for its "Get Real in 2021" program.

02/15/2021 By Staff

Desk Health

How to Take Care of Your Body While You Work

Before you read this article, ask yourself: Are you slouching?

02/03/2021 By Hannah Wallace

Health News

How to Figure Out Where You Are in Line for the Covid-19 Vaccine

Don't know where you are in line for the Covid-19 vaccine? Sarasota County has launched a system to help.

01/29/2021 By Allison Forsyth

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What's the Best Way to Heal Dry Skin?

Florida's constantly changing weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Here's what to look for in a healing product.

01/27/2021 By Allison Forsyth

Your Health Questions Answered

Can Allergy Treatments Improve Your Hearing?

Environmental allergies can cause poor hearing, tinnitus and a loss of balance.

01/20/2021 By Allison Forsyth

Your Health Questions Answered

How Does the Covid-19 Vaccine Work?

The vaccine does not use a live virus, like other vaccines, but instead relies on messenger RNA to help the body prevent infection.

01/13/2021 By Allison Forsyth

Your Health Questions Answered

Do Weighted Blankets Really Help You Sleep Better?

Doctors say the feeling of pressure on the body can bring a sense of comfort during sleep.

01/06/2021 By Allison Forsyth

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Resolve to Live a Brain Healthy Life

You survived 2020! If exercising more and losing weight top your list of resolutions for 2021, congratulations—you have resolved to live a brain healthy life.


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Happy Brain Healthy Holidays!

With the stress of the holidays, here are some tips to protect your brain health throughout this season.


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Building a Brain Healthy Community Starts with Motivation

Brain health matters, and it can begin as early as childhood as the brain develops.



A Life Story Foundation Announces New Business Model in Wake of Covid-19

The foundation will move from fundraising via large-scale events to using digital platforms to create content, awareness and sponsorship opportunities for donors.

08/19/2020 By Staff


Behavior Analyst Kabrena Williams on Self-Care for Special Needs Caregivers

“I’m here to hold you accountable for scheduling non-negotiable me time,” Williams says.

08/14/2020 By Heather Dunhill

Fast Track

Family Medicine Doctor Joins Gulf Coast Medical Group

Dr. David Taing is board-certified in family medicine and fellowship-trained in sports medicine.

08/06/2020 By Staff

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Brain Tune-Up Helps People Stay Sharp Mentally for a Lifetime

The Center for Brain Health’s Brain Tune-Up is a highly individualized program to help participants prevent cognitive decline and optimize brain health.


Let's get physical, physical

The Exercise Coach Boasts High-Tech Equipment and Personalized Instruction

The newish fitness studio's guiding philosophy is that the most effective way to change the way one's body looks and feels is to increase muscle.

05/27/2020 By Rachel Suwak

Fantastic Voyage

Drive-By Graduation Celebration Will Honor Teen Health Educators

The Healthy Teens Coalition of Manatee County is celebrating student volunteers next week.

05/21/2020 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Fast Track

Local Research Institute Hires New Leadership

In his new role, Dr. Andrew Ringel will provide clinical and medical support for Florida Research Institute’s studies while ensuring participants receive the highest quality care.

04/01/2020 By Staff