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New Documentary Will Cover How Sarasota Influenced the Future of Trauma Therapy

The career of aspiring psychotherapist and New College graduate Rick Doblin is being chronicled by documentary filmmaker Nirvan Mullick.

07/15/2019 By Giulia Heyward

Gap year

The Director of an Oscar-Nominated Film Returns to Sarasota for a Special Screening

Filmmaker Bing Liu will be present at a showing of his documentary, Minding the Gap, at New College of Florida on Friday, April 19.

04/09/2019 By Giulia Heyward


HBO Documentary: "In-Vogue: The Editor's Eye"

Heather Dunhill gives us the dish on the HBO documentary "In-Vogue: The Editor's Eye," as well as some of that storied Vogue history.

02/01/2013 By Megan McDonald