Real Estate Junkie

For Sale: 1925 Colonial-Style Bungalow in Downtown Sarasota

Bob Plunket takes us inside a downtown Sarasota home from the 1920s that comes with a light-filled sunroom, a garage apartment—and a chicken coop.

06/13/2016 By Bob Plunket


For Sale: 50 Shades of Green in Laurel Park

Our Real Estate Junkie takes us inside an updated bungalow, complete with a stunning garden, in downtown Sarasota's Laurel Park.

10/28/2015 By Robert Plunket


For Sale: Ashton Road Bungalow

This week, Bob Plunket takes us inside a bungalow in the "Maine Colony" at the west end of Ashton Road.

03/31/2015 By Robert Plunket