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How to Fit Carrera Marble (and Other Expensive-Looking Finishes) into Any Budget

Sarasota's Chic on the Cheap shows you how to fit Carrera marble and other expensive finishes into your home--on any budget.

06/01/2014 By Jill Geisdorf

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Bad Architecture is Your Worst Enemy

Why furniture alone can’t make a room, and five ways to solve that problem.

05/01/2014 By Jill Geisdorf, RID, LEED AP

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Making Mom Happy Through Interior Design

One Chic on the Cheap interior designer takes on a big challenge.

04/01/2014 By staff

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What Does Your Bathroom Say About You?

Five ways to make your loo a little more looky.

03/01/2014 By Jill Geisdorf, RID, LEED AP