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A Romantic Evening at Home

Valentine’s Day is about taking the time to do something special with your significant other.

Presented by Schemmel Group February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day is about taking the time to do something special with your significant other.  Are you struggling to come up with something?  A romantic night at home is always an option, but you have to spice it up a little.  Here are some suggestions.

A Wine Tasting
If you lived in the Grande Residence at AQUA, you could choose a couple of the best bottles from your private wine storage area on the amenity level and do your tasting right there, or even better—why not do the tasting on the rooftop terrace? Who knows, maybe one of the other six residents in the boutique building would join you and offer one of their bottles.

A Romantic Sunset
How about two chaise lounges next to each other for an amazing sunset? At 6420 Hollywood Blvd., you could just sit back and take in the amazing sunset across the bay.  Very little conversation is necessary, but make sure you have your sunglasses handy.

A Twilight Boat Tour
There is nothing better than a low-key twilight boat tour. 7755 N. Holiday Drive can accommodate a great variety of boats, both big and small. Maybe take a short ride over to the park between Siesta Key and Casey Key, which is accessible by boat, or stop at Ophelia’s on the Bay for a romantic dinner.

A Gourmet Dinner Prepared at Home
Take the time and put together the perfect menu for your partner.  If you are lucky enough to live at 2231 Oriole Drive, the whole process will be a pleasure since you get to create from a kitchen designed for the connoisseur. It has every possible amenity, including an adjacent summer kitchen with multiple grills. Let your creative juices flow.

Cocktails and Hors d’Oeuvres on the Patio
Well, if you are fortunate enough to live at The Mark downtown, why not create the perfect setting for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres?  Residence 906 has the perfect patio with panoramic southern, eastern and western views. May I recommend a Smoked Old Fashioned with bacon-wrapped figs?

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