Most people know Debra as an older, sturdy-built gal with a blunt-cut, highlighted hair style, flat shoes and an ever-present a tote bag. What they don’t know is that before Deb became a Southwest Florida homeowner, cat lady and gardener, she had another life.

Deb owned sports cars--a Lotus Elan, a British racing green Triumph Spitfire (with no heat and beautiful knock-off wire wheels), a candy-apple green Porsche 914 and  a Datsun 260Z that she used to race in Gymkhanas. She spent a summer traveling with Skip Barber School of Racing in the Northeast, earning her flagging and communications license for Formula One.  She's also traveled a lot, mostly to Latin American countries. She owned a coffee plantation in Honduras with her ex-husband, and she's crossed the border from one country to another with young military children carrying machine guns trained on her back. 

Deb has a degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Sociology.  The early part of her career was spent working at ad agencies before opening her own boutique firm. She came to Sarasota in 1996 on a freelance sales project and joined the company full time in 2003, returning again in 2011. She looks forward to going home at the end of the day to my cats and her swimming pool, but she can still hear the roar of the sports cars as they sped around the course at Lime Rock, and dreams of Paul Newman with his entourage of PLN Racing.