Presentation to Highlight Significance of Newly Discovered Archaeological Site

The Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations is hosting a talk by John McCarthy.

05/10/2018 By Staff


Maritime Museum Renovates Historic Cortez General Store

The Florida Maritime Museum recently renovated Cortez's original general store to serve as a folk craft school and as storage and research space.

03/14/2018 By Staff


Gulf Coast Community Foundation Speaker Discusses Civility in Divisive Times

Professor and author Noah Feldman's most important message? “It’s going to be all right.”

02/23/2018 By Susan Burns


U.S. Drops in 'Best Countries' Ranking

The United States dropped from seventh to eighth in the latest ranking of the world's top countries by U.S. News & World Report.

01/26/2018 By Staff

Unity Awards 2018

Vickie Oldham Wants to Preserve the History of Newtown

Oldham and a team of professionals and volunteers have produced a book, a report, installed 15 historical markers, conducted oral history interviews and inventoried 150 historic Newtown structures.

01/23/2018 By Susan Burns

Sunshine Memories

Vintage Sarasota: A Walk Down Main Street

It's a blast from the past.

09/28/2017 By Ella Melzer

Mr. Chatterbox

Revisiting the Confederacy at Ellenton's Gamble Mansion

Maybe it’s time for the State of Florida to rethink how it is presenting history at the Gamble Plantation.

09/27/2017 By Robert Plunket

Bring the Cane

How Sugar Cane Syrup Fueled the Growth of One Manatee County Neighborhood

A new historical marker details the role an Alabama food company played in the founding of Whitfield Estates.

03/24/2016 By Cooper Levey-Baker


"The Greatest Show on Earth" Was Filmed in Sarasota in the '50s

A behind-the-scenes look at what the filming of Cecil B. DeMille's "The Greatest Show on Earth" in the 1950s was really like.

07/21/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Vintage Sarasota: Step Inside the Tucker Treehouse

Step inside the Tucker treehouse, built in 1934 in Myakka.

06/30/2015 By Larry Kelleher


A Look Back at Englewood's Historic Dearborn Street

In this week's Vintage Sarasota installment, we tak ea look at Englewood's historic Dearborn Street.

06/23/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Vintage Sarasota: A History of Florida Power and Light

Electricity was often unreliable in the early years of Florida Power and Light.

05/18/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Earl Burnell Went From Undertaker to Famous Photographer

His photographs of Sarasota helped put our city on the map.

05/06/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Dredging Altered the Landscape of Sarasota in Early 20th Century

The dredge, in years past, was a major instrument of change in Sarasota.

04/22/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Czecho-Slovakian Band Played Significant Role

John Ringling himself hired the band.

03/13/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Vintage Sarasota: In 1919, Compulsory School Attendance Was Hot Topic

Mrs. C.V.S. (Rose) Wilson, Sarasota Times publisher, made it her mission to get the word out.

02/24/2015 By Larry Kelleher


Vintage Sarasota: Get to Know Colonel John Hamilton Gillespie

Get to know Colonel John Hamilton Gillespie in this week's Vintage Sarasota post.

01/26/2015 By Sarasota County Historical Resources staff members


City's Purchase Started Civic Center

Mayor E.A. Smith was crucial to the purchase of Sarasota's Civic Center in the 1930s.

01/26/2015 By Sarasota County Historical Resources staff members


Vintage Sarasota: Clamming in Sarasota Bay

This week's Vintage Sarasota post: A history of clamming in Sarasota.

12/29/2014 By Sarasota County Historical Resources staff members


The History of Sarasota's City Pier

Learn this history of Sarasota's city pier in our latest Vintage Sarasota post.

12/12/2014 By Sarasota County Historical Resources staff members