Stephen Knopik, CEO of Bealls, Shares What Inspires Him

Stephen Knopik, CEO of Bealls, shares five things that inspire him.

01/11/2016 By Susan Burns

Think Drinks

Sarasota's Vic Motto Advises Winery Owners on Biz Strategies

Vic Motto reinvented his life as a global wine consultant.

01/11/2016 By Ilene Denton

Good Advice

Sarasota CEOs Share the Best Business Advice They Ever Received

Three Sarasota CEOs share the best business advice they ever got.

01/11/2016 By Chelsey Lucas


Rapid Pathogen Screening CEO Robert Sambursky Shares His Path to Success

This ophthalmologist marries medicine and business to lead a Sarasota biotech firm.

01/11/2016 By David Ball

What I've Learned

Comfort Keepers Founder Kristina Butler on What She's Learned From Her Business

Kristina Butler,co-founder of the multibillion-dollar Comfort Keepers, on confidence, money and moving on.

01/11/2016 By Megan McDonald

Off the Clock

Attorney David Silberstein Teaches High School Golf

Attorney David Silberstein took his love for golf and dedication to helping young people and turned it into a volunteer role as high school golf coach.

01/11/2016 By Ilene Denton

Champions of Diversity

Meet the 2016 Unity Award Winners

Meet our 2016 champions of diversity.

01/11/2016 By Susan Burns and Anu Varma

New Year's Resolutions

Local Business Leaders Share Their Goals for 2016

It’s the New Year, time for resolutions and self-improvement in business and life.

01/11/2016 By Susan Burns

Corporate Culture

How to Create a Great Place to Work

Larry Face gets to the heart of what motivates your workers.

01/11/2016 By Lori Johnston

My New Hometown

Why I Moved to Sarasota: Zoologist Diane Ledder

Zoologist Diane Ledder explores Sarasota's natural wonders.

01/01/2016 By Ilene Denton


Bradenton Blues Festival Kicks Off on Saturday

In addition to an all-star lineup of musicians, photographer Joseph A. Rosen will be selling and signing copies of his new book, Blues Hands.

12/04/2015 By Megan McDonald


Planned Parenthood's Barbara Zdravecky Gears Up for Battle

With Planned Parenthood under renewed fire, regional leader Barbara Zdravecky gears up for another contentious battle.

10/30/2015 By Kim Hackett


Off the Clock: Good Sport, Dr. Daniel Lamar

DR. DANIEL LAMAR of Coastal Orthopedics is aiming for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro as team physician for the U.S. men’s soccer team.

10/30/2015 By Ilene Denton


Resurrection Man, Ed Burr

Jacksonville’s Ed Burr promises to bring the Sarasota Quay back to life.

10/30/2015 By David Ball

Movers & Shakers

People to Watch 2015

Biz(941)'s People to Watch lists the newest up-and-comers and movers-and-shakers in Sarasota-Manatee.

10/30/2015 By Susan Burns Photography by Barbara Banks


Business Class: Give an Experience

Stylist Jackie Rogers shows us the best holiday gifts for the executive in your life, and where to find them in Sarasota.

10/29/2015 By Jackie Rogers


Biz Rules: Freelancer or Employee?

In this issue, Biz Rules looks at the Department of Labor's updated definitions of full-time employees versus freelancers.

10/29/2015 By Chelsey Lucas


Innovator: Mark Dickson

Mark Dickson, founder and CEO of, shares how he's changing the real estate game.

10/29/2015 By Chelsey Lucas


Off the Clock: Bob Arello

Hydrograss Technologies CEO Bob Arello is a world-class heavyweight master thrower.

09/04/2015 By Ilene Denton Photography by Barbara Banks


What I've Learned: Irwin Starr

Retired media executive and Sarasota resident Irwin Starr shares his wisdom.

09/04/2015 By Kim Hackett