Special Events

Come experience five centuries of Florida history De Soto National Memorial. Period reeenactors will share history and demonstrate their crafts, skills and historic weapons.

Experience History — Walk through time as you explore Florida’s great history, poke around a Civil War encampment, or have coffee with GI’s from the Sunshine State. Meet Spanish conquistadors, and 19th Century craftsmen. 

Unique Demonstrations — Listen to soldiers and civilians from the past describe what life was like in their times. Experience the fire of muskets as you go back in time with soldiers who will demonstrate each weapon and explain how each was used in their times.

Activities for the Kids — Throughout the day, re-enactors will share true accounts of how children shaped history from drummer boys in the Civil War to resistance fighters in the liberation of France during WWII. We also invite the kids to come out in their own costumes from their favorite time-periods.

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(941) 792-0458

Mar 24, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM