Readings & Lectures

10 speakers are invited to present 10 images of their work, interest, or inspiration.  Slides will advance automatically every 30 seconds with brief introductions between speakers.  Admission is $10 at the door to cover appetizers and room reservation.  A cash bar will be hosted by Louies Modern.  The presentations will start at 6 p.m
The list of speakers includes the executive director of Art Center Sarasota, an art historian, a newly elected city commissioner, a science teacher, the new Sarasota Chamber of Commerce president, an architect, a writer, two visual artists, and a photographer.  The event is organized by architect Michael Halflants and artist Tim Jaeger.

Please RSVP at to help us estimate the number of attendees. 

Price Range

Sep 07, 2017 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM