Teen Court

Teen Court of Sarasota announced a three-year collaboration with the Florida Blue Foundation. A $300,000 grant will allow Teen Court to provide improved health and well-being mental health services to youth in Sarasota County who participate in the program. Both organizations support changing behaviors and habitats to encourage, motivate and inspire young people to live healthy and productive lifestyles.  

“The young people we serve are not defined by the choices that brought them through our program," says Todd Moran, chief operating officer of Teen Court.  "This grant award allows us to serve our clients utilizing restorative strategies, meaningful consequences, and services including mental health counseling for those that otherwise would not have had immediate access. We show teens how to improve their life by taking care of their mental and physical health."

Teen Court of Sarasota, Inc. is an alternative to juvenile court. Youth who come through Teen Court participate in a court program run by their peers under the supervision of a volunteer adult judge. Student volunteers who participate in our Teen Court program receive a law-related education along with community service hours for their time. The organization also offers counseling services, drug prevention, anti-bullying, and anger management classes to those youth who demonstrate extra need.

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