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Is there an alternative to surgery or radiation to treat prostate cancer?
Yes. Prostate ablation using HIFU is a new, minimally invasive, radiation-free treatment for localized prostate cancer. The FDA approved HIFU for prostate tissue ablation in 2015.

What is HIFU?
HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer that offers dramatically reduced side effects. HIFU ablates (destroys) prostate cancer through the precision focusing of sound waves into the prostate. The focused sound waves create heat which kills the prostate tissues targeted by an experienced HIFU physician.

What are the side effects?
HIFU performed by experienced, peer-to-peer trained physicians, such as those at Vituro Health, results in fewer side effects than those that occur after radiation or radical prostatectomy. Traditional treatments often lead to erectile dysfunction or urinary leakage.

The precisely focused sound waves cause much less damage to important neighboring structures in the prostate area.  Experience and proper training are essential to obtaining excellent results with HIFU treatment.

Is there a hospital stay involved? 
HIFU is an outpatient treatment that patients say is pain-free. Typically following treatment, patients recover for about two hours, then are ready to go home.

Is it well studied?
Several studies have been published on HIFU effectiveness showing men with low-and moderate-risk disease achieve excellent disease-free rates and excellent negative biopsy rates. Recent HIFU studies show overall survival five years following the procedure is 97 percent, which is similar to traditional treatments; in addition to excellent long-term survival, metastasis-free survival is 97 percent. 

“I’m dedicated to offering effective and noninvasive prostate cancer treatments that preserve quality of life.” 

About Dr. Scionti

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Over the past 10 years, Dr. Stephen Scionti has developed the largest and most experienced practice for minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment. He has achieved global recognition for his experience, skill and groundbreaking clinical contributions in the field of prostate cancer ablation. He is also an internationally recognized authority in innovative prostate cancer diagnostics.

  • Founder and Director of The Scionti Prostate Center
  • Medical Director of Vituro Health, leading HIFU provider in U.S.
  • Considered one of world’s most experienced HIFU physicians with over 2,000 successful procedures
  • Praised by patients for personal availability, compassion and dedication 

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