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Have You Seen the Kicks at Sebago Lately?

If you haven't checked out Sebago lately then you're in for a stylish surprise.

By Heather Dunhill January 28, 2016

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If you haven't checked out Sebago lately then you're in for a stylish surprise. They are not just for docksides anymore...not kidding. I have fallen in a big way for their Chukka boots. Not only have they won me over with their chic, understated style but--hold on to your Birkin--they are wildly comfy, too.  Don't know about you, but I rarely say a pair of fashionable shoes are comfortable anymore!

So, I caught up with Joe Wallace, VP & General Merchandise Manager of Sebago, to hear what's happening with this new turn with an iconic brand. If you want to find them locally pop into Pelz Shoes in Sarasota or Captain's Landing in Venice.

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Let’s begin with fit and comfort. Tell us what goes into the thoughtful design behind the Hutton Chukka boot for women?

We design a comfort footbed made up of leather and textile for added comfort and durability.  We then add a layer of comfort foam under the sock liner for additional comfort. 

Not to mention the Collier for men, just as handsome. Has Sebago gone in a new design direction?

Our Collier collection is a new collection of the brand and is handcrafted in Portugal.  The shoes that are part of this collection offer rich leather uppers, durable leather outsoles or combination rubber / leather outsoles and a heritage of being hand crafted in one of the best locations in Portugal.  You can expect to see more product in both men’s and women’s out of Portugal. 

Talk to us about craftsmanship…

All of our shoes are handcrafted using premium materials and components. We work with some of the best factories in Portugal, Spain, The Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Far East. All of our shoes go through a rigorous quality process to ensure we are giving our global consumers the best product and a great value.  Many of our shoes e.g. Our classic penny loafer and our Docksides boat shoes are made using the same process since 1946; meaning, hand sewing rich leathers and components and finishing all materials by hand.  Many of our craftsmen have been working on this type of product for generations.

Are docksides still the most popular shoe in the Sebago family?

Docksides is a very important part of our brand and our history.  The boat shoe is an iconic look that we continue to update and develop each season through new colors, materials and styles each season.  While still important, we are seeing growth from the dress casual and casual segments of our business.

What do you think most do not know about this storied brand?

I think that most people don’t know the true craftsmanship that goes into our products.  Virtually every step of the production process is done by hand and requires years of training and skill.  We use some of the best materials and components we can find and work with small boutique factories.  Our brand has a large European and international presence and we have a strong and growing ready-to-wear and accessories business in our European and Scandinavian markets.  Our brand offers timeless classics, made by hand using some of the finest materials, like Horween leathers.

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