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By Megan McDonald November 9, 2012

By Taylor Meredith

In Sarasota Magazine’s November issue, Cooper Levey-Baker acquaints us with some of Sarasota’s talented and unique local bands; here, we're sharing some of their unique sounds.

Have Gun, Will Travel

First up: Have Gun, Will Travel. Have Gun produces the kind of music that Levey-Baker suggests Hank Williams and Bob Dylan would be proud of, “fleshed out with banjoes and harmonica.”

Listen to more of Have Gun, Will Travel at

Sons of Hippies

Next: Sons of Hippies, who Levey-Baker describes as producing “aggressive guitar washes and ambient noise effects” with lead singer Katherine Kelly’s “passionate vocals.”

Listen to more of Black Eyed Angels at

Bard and Mustache

Last but not least: Bard and Mustache, a duo made up Erin Murphy (from the band The Equines) and her fiancée Greg Bortnichak. Murphy sings to the sounds and arrangements Bortnichak puts together.

Listen to more of Bard and Mustache at

For more information about each band and great places in town to hear local music, click here.

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