TREND REPORT: Man About Town

By Megan McDonald March 2, 2012

OK, fella, I’ve done the R&D for you – sussed out all the Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week shows from New York to Milan. I promise to make this painless; we’re going straight to the bottom line on the top men’s trends for the season.

PS:  If you want a quick primer on designer pronunciations, I have one for you. CLICK HERE to read it.



By nature, Hermès has always been ahead of the trend with their signature color.  But, take note – if you’re color shy, any color can be paired with khaki and look fresh and on trend.

Here, the concept is reversed…

Again, you can take this idea and just change out the color.  Solid short with print top, and hike up the sleeves. If you want to put a preppy edge on this, make the shirt a button-down oxford, but consider pushing up the sleeves instead of rolling them back.

If you have the chops to purchase a colored jacket, this is an easy way to incorporate it into your wardrobe. More than likely you have a white tee and jeans – add the penny loafers like Michael Bastian did here and you’re all set with a little James Dean throwback.


Or, if you prefer to keep hue on the down low, try it this way with a Billy Reid driving shoe. Bonus that it’s made of canvas for summer…



Now to the absence of color. Guys, you’ll be seeing a lot of white out there in your favorite shops.  Here’s how to take it from day with mandals to date night to evening out with a double-breasted jacket.  Trust me…you’ll win points with one of these handsome looks.


I’m sure there are some of you out there who’ve already discounted ever purchasing tango tangerine or cockatoo green. No prob, gotcha covered. The blues are back, and not in the BB King kinda way….


Two changes to take note of regarding pants -- For those of you who are not size stick, the skinny pant is evolving. You’ll see a more relaxed, wide leg and also a hip tapered pant as well.


All right, I’m sure you’re ready to wrap this up and get back to the iPad. Just two last items to mention, beginning with your tux.  If it’s been a while since you’ve dusted yours off, or even updated it, consider how debonair you’ll look and feel in one of these numbers.  Keep in mind that a little sheen is on trend.

By the way, if you’re not the tux-owning kinda guy, then keep an eye out for Black by Vera Wang Tuxedo line exclusively at Men’s Warehouse sometime this spring.

Tuxedo by Dsquared²

Tuxedo by Gucci

Tuxedo by Viktor & Rolf

We’re nearly there – my last tip is actually a heads-up for Fall. Just in case you’re thinking about investing in a new suit, you may want to hold tight. I’ve just seen the runway shows and the power suit will be in full-force by the third quarter.

OK, guys – your turn to tell me something.  Was this helpful?  Any questions?  Have a topic you’d like blogged?  Leave a comment below and lemme know…

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