The Waiting Game

By Megan McDonald September 26, 2011

When a new restaurant opens, although tempted to run right in, I try to give it a month or so to get situated. Things take a little time and goodness knows service in the beginning can be challenging. So, even though I was keen on trying a hot new local dining spot, having heard there were issues I waited...and waited some more...and then waited…

Well, let me tell you my experience.

I walked in last Thursday at 1:00 p.m. for a late lunch with another food editor. There seemed to be no more than a table or two dining inside, but since I was waiting at the front door, I could not quite see into the other dining room. I figured after a minute or two, I should take out my iPhone and time my waiting experience as to not exaggerate. (You know how it feels when you are waiting with nothing to do.) So I waited and waited some more. After four-and-a-half minutes, a woman dressed in a pretty black dress came in through the front door, walked right past me and continued her phone conversation about buying an ad somewhere. Thinking I am pretty darn tall to just miss, I stepped over slightly to try and make contact. While the loud phone conversation continued, I did hear her acknowledge to her phone mate, “Well, someone is standing up front--gotta go-.“ Ah, I thought, at last, 6 minutes in and someone is coming. But then the landline rang and I was forgotten yet again.

Thank you, Tracy Freeman, for introducing me to the best spring roll I've ever had (at Pacific Rim).

I went outside, called my lunch date and we met at Pacific Rim at 1:20. How wonderful to have Vet, the owner, standing at the door with a big smile welcoming us and bringing us to a table right away even though the dining room was almost full. I crunched on a beautiful spring roll, som tum salad and sushi with my friend and wondered, Might the lady with the pretty black dress still be on the phone? When I first drove by, there she was, in the side parking lot, talking away. So, I suppose if you want to try this new spot, perhaps bring a good book to read while you wait.

Any dining pet peeves of your own? Share them in the comments below!

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