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By Megan McDonald August 26, 2011

As much fun as it was to wax on about a talent like Alexander McQueen in my opening blog, I’m switching gears here and taking a practical turn…

Ever wonder how the stylish make wearing a scarf look so effortless? As though they just threw it on in a raffish, oh-this-old-thing way? So, you get inspired by the look, decide to give it a go, and then quickly dismiss the concept thinking only those celebs you see bopping about in New York and LA can pull it off.

Not so.

Jessica Alba. Photo:

Kylie Minogue. Photo:

Claudia Schiffer. Photo:

Jennifer Aniston. Photo via

Reese Witherspoon.

First things first--allow me to share what those sure-footed fashion equestrians know: Scarves aren’t just for winter anymore. Additonally, they happen to be a universally unisex accessory. Anyone, any age, can wear them. In fact, simply adding a scarf to an ensemble–heading out for errands or supper–will increase your chic quotient.

I popped into Lotus on Main Street in Sarasota this week and found that owner Wendy Getchell has amassed quite the collection of scarves–like gorgeous Italian pashminas by Italca, for $54, in thirty colors from neutral to seasonal brights. If you’re hesitant about the new color trend, this is an easy way to incorporate saturated hues into your wardrobe.

Then, on the splurge side, there’s the Chan Luu line. They’re light as a feather and constructed of two luxurious threads: cashmere and silk; they range from $195-$275.

"My clients love these big soft scarves, I sell them year round.  They're perfect for chilly restaurants and especially great for airline travel.  It's like carrying your own personal comfort zone!" –Wendy Getchell, Lotus

I love these warmer tones with the addition of the delicate shimmer lurex thread.

Okay, back to the scarf-tying how’s-it done concept.  I’m here to tell you that, courtesy of EILEEN FISHER, in six minutes and twelve seconds you can learn to wrap a scarf like a stylist. This video presentation is entirely thorough, with several ways to don your scarf, and it illustrates how simple it is to tie one on:


Courtesy of EILEEN FISHER.

And, if, after this video, you need a one-on-one with a professional, Wendy has offered to show you how. Or, stop into the EILEEN FISHER store in downtown Sarasota--they have a fun selection as well, $108 and up, and are happy to assist. 

Afterward, click the comment link below and tell me how it went!

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