Let's Eat!

By Megan McDonald August 1, 2011

Tracy Freeman gets into Let's Eat's Tuscan chicken cakes.

Let's Eat! Seriously, Let’s Eat without any fuss, shopping or mess. Let’s Eat good, wholesome food that tastes restaurant quality for a quarter of the price. Let’s Eat Tuscan chicken cakes with fresh salsa and seafood cannelloni with creamy vodka sauce in the comfort of our own homes. Let’s upgrade and eat organic produce or organic meats. Heck—let’s just go to Let’s Eat on University Parkway (next to Cutting Loose in the Home Depot shopping center) and prepare a no-fuss week’s worth of amazing meals.

That is all my friends and I keep saying since we tried the Let’s Eat experience. What a deal. You go online, make your reservation for when you want to go in, select the menu items you want to prepare—and get ready to have fun.

We arrived and were immediately offered a glass of wine, cheese and crackers, an apron and a tour of what was to come. You are brought over to the refrigerator, where your disposable pans are kept and where names on shelves identify your area. With wine in hand, you proceed to one of the stations that has the recipe for your entrée selection. You read the recipe and start measuring the freshly chopped ingredients. The measuring spoons and cups are in the item or next to it, so all you do is scoop. You take your freshly combined dinner—and please note that you do not clean a single thing—and bring it to the wrapping station, where someone wraps your dinner, sticks cooking instructions on the top of it and places it on your shelf while you move to the next station that you have selected.

A Let's Eat regular.

I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel, being a chef and naturally wanting to chop my own food—but are you kidding me? It is the best fun I have had in a kitchen in some time! We met people that go in every two weeks for couples night, three working moms that prepare 8 meals at a time for the freezer, two women that were there to book a baby shower and a single woman that separates the portions into smaller containers to have plenty of meals without having to buy a whole pepper, a whole onion, a whole box of pasta, etc.


Did I mention that you don’t have to shop, prep or clean anything?

Now, what are you waiting for? No excuses anymore! Log on to—and watch out Bobby Flay and Giada DeLaurentiis!

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