Food Coma

By Megan McDonald July 25, 2011

Here I sit, muffin top oozing, yet I know all too well what has caused my demise: food. But not just any food--miracles of tasteful joy. I can no longer help myself. I am in too deep.

The lingering reminder that cabbage soup and cranberry sauce with Tabasco are all in my future makes me realize that I need to dump weight. But how can I when places like Soma Diner, Andreas and Roy’s are putting out incredible meals? It is my duty, after all, as Sarasota Magazine's contributing food and wine editor, to bring you the best, most sensual flavors, is it not? To have a take-one-for-the-team attitude even if I am already two cream puffs in too deep?

Stilton risotto with Ameroni wine and pear at Andreas.

The seven course dinner Friday night at Andreas was an example of exactly what I do for our readers. Even though I was crying "No more!", I kept that fork and knife going, struggling through the decadent, creaminess of Stilton risottos with Ameroni wine and poached pear. Who else would sit up and dabble in the honey brought over from a neighbor’s farm in Italy that just happened to be next to organic chicken liver pate with pistachio and oven-dried peaches? It is my job, and I am on the front lines, so when someone serves pork butt stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in prosciutto, what am I to do? Fork ready; double chins up! Gosh, I love this job!

Grilled Florida octopus, anyone?

A few notes of interest…

Monterey Grill: a must-stop sandwich shop.

Monterey Grill (next to J-Pan), is one of those cool sandwich stops that is a must-do. While I did enjoy the tuna rice bowl, my son’s Redwood Reuben with Applewood smoked bacon kept me nibbling pieces when he wasn’t looking, and the Golden Gate with roast beef, provolone and coleslaw on grilled sourdough is outrageous!

A reuben with bacon? My nana wouldn't have approved, but I love it.

More restaurant news...

Brasserie Belge is offering a larger salad menu from around the world. In traditional Belgian style, these salads are served as very large portions. Sharing one is only $2 extra and well worth every crisp, fresh bite.

And finally, glad the owners of Solorzano’s called to tell me they moved out of their spot on Siesta Drive because they are opening in Gulf Gate in August. Looks like Gulf Gate is becoming Sarasota’s own Little Italy, with Oh Mamma Mia!, Il Panificio, Dolce Italia and Piccollo’s. Bring on the cannolis!

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