Bring on the Muumuus

By Megan McDonald June 27, 2011

Send in the muumuus after this $10 deal.

Libby’s Cafe + Bar's new summer menu may not be bikini-friendly, but I don’t care when the rich, flavorful, food raises the bar of lunch decadence. Libby’s has introduced its summer menu with a few new delicate and fresh selections (quinoa cakes and himachi rolls were lovely), as well as several more stick-to-your-ribs-and-thighs dishes that are worth every calorie-laden bite.

Quinoa cakes with curry aioli.

The most whimsical dish: The Reuben egg roll. Right down to the caraway seeds, the corned beef and sauerkraut melts into a crisp egg roll and is, of course, served with a house made “rushin” dressing for dipping—brilliant, Chef Fran!

Whimsical Reuben egg rolls at Libby's: yum!

Best over-the-top, must-lick-the-plate and a favorite of most chefs: pork belly. Make that “Karubi” pork belly ribs with honey-wasabi BBQ sauce and sweet apple kimchi. Inspired by the sous chef's own mother, the apple kimchi should be sold by the quart, and the pork belly-culinary is nirvana on steroids.

Just look at those onion rings.

Next up: bison sloppy joes with large, ale-battered onion rings and melted cheese with a mountain of house made chips for dipping. Yup that’s what I am talkin’ about—a full lunch portion will set the tone for a three hour nap.

For only $10 you can have a version of the bison sloppy joe served in potato skins with melted cheese, bacon bits and jalapeno sour cream. (A side salad comes with it, so when friends table hop and look down at what you are eating, you can pretend to be nibbling on a green, leafy salad.)

Another $10 burst-your-belt-buckle-but-can't-stop-dreaming-about-it is the Libby's version of carbonara, aka “Italian bacon ‘n' eggs”. Spaghetti loaded in a creamy parmesan sauce with caramelized onion, a whole heck of a lotta bacon and a sunny-side-up eggs. I think they pried me out of the booth with the Jaws of Life after eating this one!

And if anyone is to think this blog is critical of the calorie-laden summer menu—ha! Quite the opposite. I gave up bikinis a few years ago and eagerly await my new custom-fit muumuus.

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