Tasteful Deeds

By Megan McDonald April 12, 2011

Well, if you didn’t hear about the Men Who Cook event at Longboat Key Club this past Sunday, you surely will now. Twenty-four local men volunteered their time and ingredients to feed 200-plus hungry guests for the Asolo fundraiser. One of the best parts: The old-fashioned cake auction, which netted $2,800. Considering there were only seven cakes to auction, I’d say it is a safe bet next year’s cake auction will double in size. And thanks to web editor Megan McDonald, whose coconut cake is already getting requests for next year.

Dining on food prepared by Libby's with new friends at Historic Spanish Point.

A true pleasure dining with Owen Burns' daughter at the Libby's dinner

Libby’s came through once again for Historic Spanish Point by offering a dinner for 8 to the highest bidder--and bid high, they did.  What happens when two best friends share the auction lot to dine with me? Well, let’s just say I felt like I won the lottery, meeting new friends and sharing thoughts on our favorite dish of the evening: cedar-paper-wrapped scallops. In fact, we were so intrigued by the dish we had to get instructions on how to make it for ourselves. According to Chef Fran, the glaze is equal parts Dijon mustard and maple syrup blended together and spread on the scallops. The cedar wrap should be soaked in whiskey before the seafood is wrapped--this helps to impart a lightly flavored steam that keep the scallops moist on the grill. Cedar wrappers are sold at Fresh Market and other gourmet shops.

Sign of the Mermaid came back to try and retain its title from last year.

Now that was a darn good pie.

A grand way to eat pie this past weekend, as I judged the Crisco National Pie Contest in Orlando--professional and amateur levels.The apple pies were incredible this year, with at least five out of 25 deserving ribbons. It was a blast judging with Food Network star Adam Gertler--we both loved the Sticky Toffee Apple pie and the Strawberry Cream pie.

Food Network star Adam Gertler and me.

What’s on the agenda this week? Desperately trying to lose a few pounds, but, of course, there is always time for a little sushi fix at Vizen in Gulf Gate, isn’t there?

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