Spring Forward

By Megan McDonald April 20, 2011

Strawberry fields forever at the farmer's market.

Is there anything better than springtime in Sarasota? The temperatures are warm but not hot; you can wear shorts during the day but still throw on a light sweater at night; and fuchsia, white and yellow bougainvillea blossoms are everywhere. It’s a wonderful time to be outdoors.

These cheerful pink flowers are just some of many blooming all over town.

We took these photos of crimson strawberries and jaunty pink flowers while strolling through the downtown Sarasota farmers market recently, and think they perfectly (and, in the berries' case, deliciously) represent the spirit of the spring season. For more about our local farmers' markets and produce, see this month's "Fresh"--and tell us: What’s an unequivocal sign of spring for you?

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