Skincare 101

By Megan McDonald April 14, 2011

What woman doesn’t wonder how to protect and preserve her skin? Let’s face it: As we age, the vials and tubs of creams and serums in most of our medicine cabinets slowly multiply, and finding the perfect wrinkle-combating product can become something of an obsession.

So when renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Brown, founder of the celeb-favorite ReVive skincare line, stopped by Saks Fifth Avenue recently to talk about the ReVive brand and offer beauty shoppers skincare tips, we jumped at the chance to get his expert opinion on how to best treat our faces. Dr. Brown's thoughts, in a nutshell? A healthy diet, exercise and lots of sunscreen.

How did you come up with the idea for ReVive?

The idea for ReVive came to me many years ago, in the mid-90s, during my studies on growth factors, when I initially saw how much wound healing could be accelerated by epidermal growth factor. I realized that if, indeed, growth factors could increase cell turnover in unwounded skin, that could significantly improve the signs of aging.

What exactly is epidermal growth factor (EGF)?

Epidermal growth factor is a naturally occurring protein, or growth factor—it has many labels—which is contained in all humans. It is released whenever wounds occur to bring about wound healing—in fact, it’s vital to this process. In addition, many of the naturally occurring phenomena that occur during wound healing are necessary to stabilize or reverse the signs of aging—i.e., increased cell renewal.

How did ReVive gather such a big—and famous—following?

The products deliver on their promise and for that reason, word of mouth has spread and produced our phenomenal clientele [which includes celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson and Tom Cruise].

What is your No. 1 skincare tip—one that everyone, no matter how old or young they are—can use?

My No. 1 tip is to protect against the sun. The most important anti-aging cream anyone on the planet can have is a good sunscreen.

We all want to know how to avoid wrinkles—what’s your suggestion?

The best way to avoid wrinkles is to never get them. Sun protection is key. No smoking, moderate exercise, a low-glycemic-index diet, serenity in one’s life…

We’re quickly transitioning to hot weather here. What are your tips for making that transition easier on our skin?

For most individuals, going from cool to warm weather means a lighter moisturizer—not always, but in many. And of course, up the sunscreen ante.

What new ReVive skincare products are you most excited about?

Our Defensif serum ($195), which is launching right now, is incredible—especially for urban environments with a great deal of pollution. It has SOD and resveratrol for pollutant protection and age reversal.

What’s next for you and ReVive?

I’m always thinking about new and innovative ways to marry biotechnology with beauty.

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