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By Hannah Wallace Photography by Ted Mase April 30, 2011

Ready Built

How did you get started? I was working out at the Y, trying to stay in shape, fighting Father Time. In 2003, Jason Huh, a body builder who was about 18, motivated me to pursue body building. The point is to put on as much muscle as I possibly can. Unfortunately, I’m getting older, so my body wants to do the opposite.

Competitions? I compete in the over-40 masters division, heavyweight. I’ve done three shows and finished third, fourth and third again. I’m 6 feet 1 inch, and most of the guys I compete against are shorter, so you can imagine them packing the same muscle onto a smaller frame. It’s harder for me.

How do you train? I own my own business, so I usually train in the afternoons six days a week, as heavy as possible. I’ll start doing cardio in the 16 weeks leading up to a show, but eight or nine months out of the year, I don’t do any cardio. Of course, there’s a trade-off: I might look good, but I’m probably not as healthy as the guy who can run 10 miles.

Diet? Right now, I’m eating 50 grams of carbohydrates (like grits, sweet potatoes, white rice) and 50 grams of protein (like chicken, fish, eggs) a meal. But when I start getting ready for competition, the protein stays the same, I cut out the fats and reduce carbs.

Benefits? It’s really a stress reliever. When I leave the gym, I feel good, I’m positive, and I’m tired. I’m like, “OK, the day is over.”

Advice? It’s all diet and working smart. If you’re training biceps, you have to use your biceps, not your back. If you’re using the rest of your body to lift the weight, you’re not doing any good. There are no shortcuts.

Next show? July 16 in Lakewood Ranch, the Sunset Classic.

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