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By Megan McDonald April 4, 2011

As I was preparing this week’s blog, I realized that my life is not a fleeting taste memory. In fact, it is the opposite. The more I taste, the more I want—and that certainly explains the ever-growing muffin top—a phrase which, by the way, has apparently been added to the dictionary.

Sarasota Magazine's own Rebecca Baxter wows us with homemade dumplings

And as I sift through food photos, they only remind me more of the craving and subsequent search to replicate that first, second or 16th bite.

Paul Caragiulo and Nancy Krohngold, barbecue masterminds.

First there is the Nancy’s BBQ phenomenon. Nancy and the Caragiulo brothers deserve every bit of instant restaurant fame they get. We have loved and used Nancy’s BBQ for years, and now that she has a home base it just makes us crave the brisket, ribs, succotash and banana pudding all the more.

We love Nancy's brisket, ribs, succotash, coleslaw, banana pudding and more.

But let us not forget the Swiss burger with steak fries at Knick’s Tavern, or the parmesan-and-garlic, kettle-cooked Boulder Canyon potato chips. (You can find them at Fresh Market right by the checkout, where two bags just happened to jump in my cart on my last trip.)

The Belgian Beer tasting with frites and steak tartar was a sellout at Brasserie Belge in March; another is coming in mid April, but call for a reservation—they are half full already.

And of course I must mention my lunch with buddy Margaret Callihan at Brasserie Belge. We couldn’t decide on a sweet ending, so three chocolate  desserts rounded out our day.

Yes, a whole lotta eating this week, but what else is new? Where have you been eating recently?

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