Consistency, Please!

By Beau Denton June 15, 2010

This morning I met some friends for breakfast, and ironically they asked me to choose the place. Since I had reviewed this little spot a few months ago and fell in love with their homemade hollandaise sauce, I thought I would introduce it to the others.

UNFORTUNATELY, I had mentioned in my review that the home fries were worth the trip alone. So where am I going with this? Consistency, or lack of it. And given the demise of several local dining spots this spring, not all can be blamed on the economy.



Most people want to be able to follow their craving and recreate that first experience for others. So be it with these home fries. When I inquired if they had changed their home fries, the answer was a clear no, but you can’t fool two food critics. The potatoes were old and dropped in a fryer, not sautéed and flavorful like last time. The hollandaise was just as good, the service was just as scattered, and we all could not help but wonder: Who’s watching the store? 

Consistency is so important. I can almost accept something that is just OK if I know it is always…just OK! Come on, how many times have you been hankering for the perfect fish tacos (my list comes out soon), only to take that first bite and find out (without menu notice) that the preparation has changed? Out of no where it's blackened instead of grilled and served with half the amount of goodies from just a month or two ago. Culinary bummer--that’s what I say.

So maybe it’s time in the hot, slower months for restaurant owners to take stock and make sure the simple details--like consistency--do not go by the wayside.

In other news, it's a sad goodbye to the former Zoria owners, most recently changed to Main Street Oyster Bar. While the concept could have been changed a few years prior, the owners were very generous with supporting student artists, and I think Heather Dunhill and I will forever miss their Thai chicken wings.

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