Quite a Catch

By staff March 8, 2010

I could give you a little history of Owen—that is, Sarasotan Owen Burns, who loved to fish and work with money—but fellow writers will go into more detail on the cottage and Owen. I need to focus here on the food. Can I just say I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always sure to be a good night when dining out with buddy Matt Orr (aka unofficial mayor of Sarasota). Dining, or shall I confess to “pigging out,” at Owens’s was a culinary rodeo of creative, impeccably prepared dishes, great service and an atmosphere that says “Where have you been all these years?”

I travel up to Star fisheries in Cortez when I need a hit of laid-back, fishing village, hot-off-the-boat grouper sandwiches. For years I have seen other local chefs and restaurant owners wait at Star for an hour in line for a great piece of simple fish kinda place. Owen’s is that and so much more.


 Belly up to the bar at Owen's for some socializing and a cold beer.



Now that's what I call good dinner company: Paul Caragiulo and Matt Orr.

Now Matt, ever so predictable by ordering the same thing—if it ain’t broke don’t fix it theory—shared (well, let’s just say I assumed he would share so dug my fork right into) his fried catfish with spicy collard greens, the best I have ever tasted in these here parts. In return, I shared, somewhat reluctantly, my fried soft shell crab BLT sandwich with basil mayo. I could not get enough of this succulent, sweet fried crab, very so slightly dripping down my arm as I jumped in with a huge bite, and I felt the need to cry out to all those within earshot “Get the soft shell crab, even if you already ate.” And believe me, folks like Michael and Terri Klauber did just that and couldn’t agree more.


 Fish tacos are good, but it's the side of red potato salad that seals the deal.

Desserts are fun, but I wish they would call the apple pie an apple tart—keeping more to its style. The root beer floats are going to save us all in the heat of the coming summer.


 "Catfish dancing on the end of this line," as the Springsteen song goes--with grits and unbelievable collard greens.

Next visit I am planning the oyster po’ boy, and on our wonderful server’s suggestion, soft shell crab sautéed instead of fried…but trust me, that sandwich is going to be hard to beat.

Paul Caragiulo is having a ball with this newest restaurant venture and it shows. Worn baseball cap attire and a whole lotta hospitality—Owen’s Fish Camp just makes you feel good, and the food—well, let’s just say my soul is full and happy.
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