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By staff August 12, 2009

My summer must-have tasting list.

By Judi Gallagher 

Sometimes my mind just wanders to certain food tastes—salty, sweet, zesty, tart… OK, almost always my mind is on food and flavors. Come on, how else could I make a living considering I’m obsessed with presentation, freshness and the like? To me, French fries perfectly cooked with a side of tartar sauce are the ultimate decadence, and if they were on a dessert menu I would place two orders.


I am walking the beach; some would think concentrating on the miles per hour. Nah, I’m thinking about Peking duck with slivered cucumber and scallions.


So I have compiled a summer tasting list of must-haves because I keep dreaming about them and vicariously relive the flavors through our readers:

 The fish ‘n’ chips at MacAllisters in Lakewood Ranch. Make sure you ask for extra tartar sauce for the fries.

 Ummmm...French fries and sauce.

The duck flat bread pizza at Roy’s. This new addition to the appetizer menu is terrific, and if I play my cards right, Chef Justin will share the recipe with us.

The Prime Burger at Fleming’s at the bar. With more burgers coming to the bar menu, I might just become a fixture. Put the onion rings on the burger for added over-the-top indulgence.


The new rib eye steak at Galileo. Talk about a simple pleasure. One of the best rib eyes I have ever had. EVER!


Raspberry frozen yogurt on a wafer cone at Whiteberry on Main Street. You can usually find us there about 9 p.m. after a power walk. Consumption time after three miles of exercise: 19 seconds.


The sausage skillet at Cosimo’s. Since it’s listed as low-carb, I can now justify the quattro formaggio sitting next to it.


A freshly made waffle at First Watch on the South Trail. I’m not sure why theirs are better than other locations, but really they are fluffy and just the right crispness. Do you think they noticed my Vermont maple syrup I pulled out of my purse?


Do you have a favorite crave and flavor? E-mail me at [email protected] and you could win a gift certificate for a taste at one of our local favorites.








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