Born to Dine

By staff June 1, 2009

The Bruce Springsteen concerts were great—and so was the Jersey food.


By Judi Gallagher

 Paul and I waiting for Bruce.

     Memorial weekend we ventured to New Jersey for two Bruce Springsteen concerts—my passion for Bruce is as great as my passion for the food we select pre concert tailgating. Concert One- a nice Jersey veal Parmesan and clams casino. It was good, the post-concert Jersey pizza was the encore and it got rave reviews! There is something about picking up a cheese pie at 12:30 a.m down the street from the Meadowlands and bringing it back to your hotel for a chow down. Not that we don’t have a few good pizza places here- Cosimo’s, Il Panificio, Fillippos and Caragiulos all make a good impression, but Jersey pizza is like a Jersey tomato- it doesn’t get any better. It has a crust that is crisp, yet not too thin, and the cheese has the right amount of saltiness, with just an essence of grease dripping down your arm if you fold it just right. Concert Two- the half pastrami on rye with Swiss and coleslaw that I had leftover from lunch at Carnegie Deli and a slice of real New York cheesecake. And, like a second concert of Bruce and the E Street Band, the leftover pastrami delivered! As good as the first half, but without the server attitude, and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda that makes up the package of dining at Carnegie.


 So, now we are home for a few weeks to take off the weight before heading out West for a bit. The first two post pizza and deli days were fine: grilled chicken, large salads and a mound of green veggies. Then, the other night after a beach walk, a quick stop at Knick’s Tavern & Grill for the indescribable juicy and flavorful Brunch Burger (bacon, egg and cheese on pita) and a plate of honey BBQ wings. At this rate, I am going to be in prime eating shape for Savor Sarasota, which begins June 1! Like Springsteen, I too am on tour- with fork and napkin!


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