Pucker Perfect

By staff April 5, 2009

Sarasota’s new Whiteberry frozen yogurt is pucker-perfect.


By Judi Gallagher



Are you a tart like me? No, I don’t mean the British phrase “tart” nor the classic French dessert (although I do like the fruit tart at Morton’s Market). I mean a tart as in tangy, non sweet; make-me-pucker type of person. I sure am. I eat sour cream out of the container and prefer my autumn Macintosh apples so tart that I get the appropriate belly ache. Our younger son has lamented since he was a child that his mother is somewhat odd, preferring not to order anything when we go out for an ice cream. Now, give me a pint of nonfat plain yogurt and I will wrestle you for the last bite. You can imagine then, my thrill when Whiteberry opened on Main Street a few weeks ago. The plain is tart and perfect when you top the frozen 90-calorie treat with an abundant selection of fresh, diced fruit like mango, kiwi and raspberries.

Whiteberry fruit toppings.

There is also green tea and organic chocolate frozen yogurt, each with its own bite of tartness, but the original had me at hello. For the sweeties in town, there are other toppings such as Captain Crunch and sprinkles. But considering my dentist and his wife own the place and might be watching, I will stick to the fruit. Besides, I am a tart--tastebud person, that is.

 The Doans offer up some of their delish frozen yogurt.


Side Dishin’- Publix on Fruitville has standing prime rib on sale for $5.49 a pound until Wednesday- if you need roasting directions just email me at Ask Chef Judi via

Prime rib on a Sunday afternoon--I'll take it! 


Happy Passover and Easter- May the matzoh balls be light and fluffy and the chocolate Easter bunny be solid instead of hollow!
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