What a Weekend

By staff March 31, 2009

Sometimes, it's worth gaining a few pounds to sample great food.

By Judi Gallagher 

Oh, what a bad-bad eater I have been, but oh, what a way to go! As I stumbled into the office this morning, stepped on the scale and gasped at the three pounds I gained, I couldn’t help but have a little snicker of content— well worth it, I thought. (And yes, I keep the scale in my office so I don’t write a few columns and get hungry enough to run out to the nearest pizza stand—it’s “in your face” reality when you weigh yourself right before you write about the merits of a two-pound porterhouse steak with baked potato.)


I was on an eating frenzy, one might say. Call it the NCAA bracket-eating plan, but whatever it was—oh, it was serious calorie intake. First, there was the half of meatball Parmesan grinder at Piccolo’s Italian Market with eating buddy Larry Hoffman ( Now, a half, you might say, isn’t so bad—well, have you seen the size of a whole?? Half is plenty big, trust me. Then, hubby brought home baked ziti and a jumbo Greek salad from Papa Nick’s for dinner. As the weekend progressed, so did the poundage.



The guest of honor, Silke Rible.

I went to Silke Rible’s baby shower (she looks wonderful, by the way) at the home of John Scalzi and Linda Larsen, two of the most hospitable people in the world! John made a wonderful mushroom and brie crustini, so I had to indulge before some chocolate shower cake, right???

 The incomparable hostess, Linda Larsen.

After hearing the Hyatt GM, Mark Becker, brag about Chef Aaron’s Buffalo wings, we settled in for a go at Currents restaurant in the hotel. They are a bit pricey at $11 a bowl, but worth every finger-lickin’ moment—in fact, we managed to eat two bowls within five minutes.  I don’t think we came up for air during the entire time—they are terrific! I finished with a glass of wine and the last part of the Villanova game at the Ritz before calling it a night.

 Currents' delectable Buffalo wings.

On Sunday it was time for more basketball, so of course we had to head to Lee Roy Selmon’s for brisket quesadillas and ribs. Now I sit at the computer wearing elastic waist pants looking down at the scale and contemplating whether it was all worth it—YUP!

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