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By staff May 5, 2008

Two great finds made my week


By Judi Gallagher


Last week I decided to play busman’s holiday and discover some of the newer foodie spots in town —good move, as there are many new creative options.


Deli Lane's owners and delivery boy. 

First stop, Deli Lane, the new breakfast, lunch and dinner spot on Siesta Drive in the former Southgate Gourmet building. Deli Lane is a franchise that was purchased by two Sarasota sisters who happened to grow up in Miami and worked at the Original Deli Lane for almost 20 years. Now, that’s what I call good research. The space is fun with bold colors and plenty of staff. The refrigerator cases aren’t too full just yet, but it’s well worth the trip over just to buy some fresh redskin potato salad, which was delicious and made with Hellman’s mayo, not that silly sweet generic mayo that too many delis use. 

The food at Deli Lane is the real deal.


Breakfast lovers should note that on Saturday and Sundays, breakfast is served until 3 p.m. (and even if you miss that, there are a few all-day breakfast type selections). And the packaging on all of their take-out items is biodegradable. Swiss apple melt, a house special, is yummy on raisin pumpernickel. Make sure you ask them to grill it until the Swiss is melted; mine came out a little too soon for the gooey part of the cheese to ooze onto the bacon and apples. Service was delightful and accommodating, and with such a large menu, I have a feeling it will take me until September to work my way through most items. I look forward to the challenge!


Another fabulous find—the new Word of Mouth in the former Metro Coffee space. The place is packed, and it is hard to believe that from their tiny, and I mean tiny, kitchen they can produce almost the same delicious breakfast as the Gulf Gate original. Of course, with their tiny kitchen come some issues, but I am more than happy to nibble on a fresh scone and wait a few extra minutes.

Now that's what I call hospitality at the new Word of Mouth.

Do you have any new discoveries or old favorites to discuss? Please post below.
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